Shannon McNally with Dr. John – Small Town Talk launch project (Video)

I am an independent, self-funded, artist-owned label. Please join me in launching an exceptional new album and tour. As with any true calling there is a big labor-of-love aspect to this business of music. Most musicians do it at risk of life and limb, normalcy, financial security and our health. That being said, when it’s good, it’s great and I love what I do with a passion that overrules the desire to do much else. It’s nearly impossible to survive, but I have—with help.

This project in particular has been near and dear to my heart for years. Bobby Charles was a good friend of mine. Bobby and Dr. John were best friends and writing partners for 50 plus years. Having written such ubiquitously popular songs as “See You Later, Alligator” and “Walking To New Orleans,” Bobby and Dr. John were there at the birth of Rock and Roll. Later, he and Dr. John were part of the The Last Waltz—it would be hard to have a much cooler pedigree. The opportunity to work with Rock and Roll Hall of Famers like this together in the studio was surreally beautiful. It was a time machine back to when badass bands made killer records with musical finesse and attention to song and melody that has long since gone the way of the dodo. Making this album was a gift to me that I will never forget, and I want to share.

The album was recorded in December 2007. For the last six years I’ve guarded it, and it managed to survive ridiculous odds. This is my tenth album, my masterpiece and the ultimate expression of my musical vision. Bobby Charles’ songs resonated with me on an inexplicably familiar and comfortable level—like they were written for me. That’s bold, I know, but that’s how I feel about them. He passed away in 2010, and I will miss him. Reclusive as he was, his music remains unknown to most people, even ardent music fans. I want people to hear this music, these songs.

My goal of raising $25,000 breaks down like this. I need $15,000 for life support—which essentially means freeing up the credit card I use for gas, food, lodging, gear, van maintenance and emergencies, so that I can continue to bring this music to the people. This also helps me to do fewer, but better promoted shows, which ultimately makes the show a higher quality. $10,000 for advertising, web support and lingering label costs$5000 for a good low cost video.

The last time I did this, I was powerfully moved by the level of interest that my friends and fans had in participating in the process of creating music and taking it to the people. I used a platform called Kickstarter and had a very, very good experience. This go around, I’ve decided on the Rockethub model because I find it more user friendly and more immediate as well. Rockethub comes without the stress of the “all or nothing” caveat of Kickstarter. Existing so close to the bone is hard, and I don’t want to dismiss the generosity of those who do want to fuel this project even if we don’t make it all the way to a projected “goal.”

Please join me on the exceptionally cool project launch. Thank you!

Go to the project launch at RocketHub

Part 1 of an interview with Shannon McNally and Dr. John

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