As someone who has supported me over the years, I’m reaching out to invite you to a complimentary preview of my new Amplifi channel.  What is Amplifi?  Read on to learn more!

Some might remember those old school fan clubs.  You’d send your self-addressed and stamped envelope and wait 6-8 weeks for an autographed picture.  Think of my Amplifi channel as a supercharged version for the 21st century.

Every month I’ll be sharing songs, photos, videos and much, much more.  Some of it will be rarities from my archives while some of it will be exclusive previews of new material. 
Further, this will be a place where we can meet – virtually, of course.  I’ll be sharing updates on my latest projects and giving you an insider’s view into the creative process.  Perhaps best of all, you can help shape the experience and drive the conversation. Got questions for me?  Fire away.  And don’t be surprised if I ask you a question or two along the way.
We are inviting you, one of our special friends and supporters, to enjoy a special preview.  Simply go here to register and use promotion code “Silver Raven” to begin your trial.  I’ll see you there!