Geronimo Lyrics

The Worst Part of a Broken Heart
Shannon McNally

He proposed on a Wednesday they were married by Friday
She tossed her bouquet down the court house steps.
Little girl caught it, caught it as it fell
She looked up at her sister and said I don’t hear the bells.
Aren’t they supposed to ring?
Aren’t they supposed to sound?
Don’t we have a party now
Hasn’t something just been found?

And we’ll make it through the first part of a broken heart
Yes we’ll make it through the worst part of a broken heart.

What’s this notion of forever for
If not to save you from one more slamming door?
So she called her best friend just to bitch for a while
Some how she always turns her tears into smiles.
She said honey don’t cry, he don’t deserve you anyway
If it was that easy for him to just walk away.

And you’ll make it through the first part of a broken heart
Yes you’ll make it through the worst part of a broken heart.

She lit a candle for her heart, a joint for her head
She poured herself a drink and she got back in bed
And she dreamed herself away, dreamed herself back
Dreamed herself in circles didn’t have no heart attack.
And when she woke up in the morning she went right back to school
She didn’t feel like some loser she wasn’t anybody’s fool.

And she made it through the worst part of a broken heart
Yes she made it through the worst part of a broken heart.

Miracle Mile
Shannon McNally/Anthony Krizan/John Ginty 

Gonna sing it like a song
Gonna sing it mountain high
Gonna sing it river flow
I’ve been thinking about it in my thoughts alone

I hear that voice it’s like soup to the hungry
Wanna be the teacher gonna be the kid
I’m gonna get inside and find out where it’s hid

Cause baby this is it we’re on the miracle mile
Trying to give it up and do it with a smile
I’m not alone and I’m not giving in
Till I found out where the miracle begins

Some days I get so mad still I get outta bed
Put my shoes on and push on ahead
I look for something good to say
Gone are the days that I’m surprised or bewildered
By what they’re calling quality
Most of it sounds like bullshit to me
Someday is here and tomorrow never comes

Sweet Forgiveness
Shannon McNally

The news blows cold in my veins
Every day I wake to more of the same
The garden don’t grow
Because greed never gets old
My weapon of choice has got a lonely voice
It’s lost on the brambles and buried in the noise
But I hear it still
Faint, but steady calling

So, forgive my love
Forgive my broken heart
Forgive my love
Has anything ever been so hard
I’m angry to the bone feeling all alone
Sweet forgiveness

Forgiving my love doesn’t make them right
For taking what was ours
And wounding the light
It all comes back around in many unseen ways
They get theirs, they get theirs, they get theirs

May we never seek revenge
May that bill never be paid
If the ache in our hearts is ever to go away
We only feed their greed by carrying that rage

Cause I don’t want a life that’s soft and high
If it means that others must suffer and die
For my comfort
Cause I just don’t know how to shut my eyes

Shannon McNally/Greg Leisz

I do it again and again
I listen for visions and missions in the wind
I won the vote but shunned the soft parade
And now I’m picking garbage a true sage’s trade
I won every battle and lost the war

They dared me to reach for it dared me to know
So I drove that car just as slow as it would go
Listening for the sound
Of my last hope hit the ground
I won every battle but lost the war

You managed to take more than I had
With your greedy treaties and your rubber badge
You may have won every battle
But you lost the war

Well I only did what I knew
Simple math nothing more nothing less
If you hadn’t of told me
I never would have guessed
How hungry was your hate
How sealed was my fate

I won every battle but lost the war

Pale Moon
Shannon McNally

Oh I’d like to find myself
Trapped in some desert town with you, just me and you
My long black hair waving in the dry wind
Me waving at you my lover from some ancient balcony
But like a thirsty vision I see you and you’re gone
Where could you have run to come back come back
But you’re gone to California
And it’s just my fate making me blue
Why else would I see you today

I’m not in some desert town
And you’re not there with me
I’m underground in N.Y.C
The city of perpetual motion the city that never sleeps
That’s alright I wasn’t tired anyway
I was so close to getting clear thought there was nothing to fear
You’d be on a plane and you’d be gone
And it would be done
But there are eighteen million people in this town
I spent the day bumming around
Just to bump into you on third avenue

It’s a pale moon burning sun
When will I see my only one
Pale moon burning sun
When will I see my only one

Well I think it’s unbelievable
I think it’s incredible, it’s magical, it’s tragic
But I know we’ll meet again one day
We’ll be very far away
I’ll know you and you’ll know me
And we’re gonna both agree
That we belong together

The Hard Way
Shannon McNally

Here I stand judged and bothered by a man
With a feather round his neck
I traded his misspent youth for my better sense
I got a thank you very much
Then he split and left me with the check

Why do I feel so bad, feel so sad
You know he told me that I would
I never learn nothing but the hard way
Cause at the time it felt so good

A young mother with a nursing child sat plainly on the ground
She rocked and rocked that child to sleep sweet, on her bosom brown
Our eyes met for a moment then she looked away
The child cried out in hunger there was nothing else to say

I dreamt I saw a bandit he was pointing with his gun
I don’t think he meant me well no it seemed my luck was done
The channel surfers raged on as he shot the children down
There ain’t nothing makes me sadder than to watch my mother frown

I know this guy he keeps asking to see my inner self
He’s looking, looking, looking and the book’s right on the shelf
So I point out diagram 42 line 17
It’s a graph of intent baby is this what you need?

Bored fictions characters inhabiting the earth
Misplacing value and finding girth
Longing for silence they build jack hammer fences
That tie, tear and castigate their long tortured senses

So I headed down to New Orleans to see what do I know
It turns out not very much the river told me so
Oh no surprise no surprise this I already knew
You can run but you can never hide when the river comes for you

Beautiful and Strange
Shannon McNally/ Will Sexton

When they say a heart’s too young to truly fall in love
Are these the words of liars or just fools
Who’s to say when that feeling will creep
Down an anonymous street
And break every sensible rule

It’s beautiful and strange
Common and plain
And the only thing for certain is all the uncertainty you feel
You’re numb, revealed and sometimes hidden
From the truth that you know all too well inside
And these are only a few of
The many contradictions of love

Love’s a pirate, a thief
Who’ll make you believe
That one day he’ll fly a flag of truce
Though he lies through his smiles
Still he makes you believe
You know, you could be wrong

What’s a little confusion
A little despair
If it’s the price to be recognized by love?

Shannon McNally

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I come upon a man
His feet were planted in the ground
He had his hat in his hands.
He said, hey lovely lady won’t you linger long
and tell me a tale of love songs
so sweet and evil that’s failed

For I’ve stood here so long
A weathervane of song
Holding down the spike
Waiting for lightening to strike

My eyes fell so low they hit the ground
I mumbled my name.
He said, girl raise your eyes, look at me
Don’t be afraid.

It’s all in your mind
It’s only my skin that they took
I lived this life of loss for you,
You’ve got to at least read the book

He said hey lovely lady what was it
Brought you through my valley floor
All the mornings come and gone you’ve never been here before.
Ain’t nobody made a road map to lead you here
There are sign posts everywhere
But they ain’t very clear

Well I followed myself through the wind, through the rain
beyond all that stuff other side of the grave
I walked and I walked till I felt no pain
Till I felt no shame, till I figured the game

Now I’m gonna stand here so long
A weathervane of song
Holding down the spike
Waiting for lightening to strike

Leave Your Bags By the Door
Shannon McNally

Well I can see by your eyes
That you come from far away
You’ve been traveling all night
And you’d like a place to stay
Well that’s alright baby
Leave your bags by the door
That’s alright honey
You can even ask for more.

I won’t ask you where you’re from,
Where you’re going or why you’ve come
Or for a lot of answers
To all the questions on my tongue

Who are we two as we stand here tonight?
Are you a prince in pauper’s rags
Come down from the heights
To see the way your subjects live
When you’ve turned your back
To taste the fruits of the common man
And the purpose that you lack?

Or are you just a tom
Wandering the night
Looking for a diamond mine
And banking on it’s might
Standing in the footprints of the wanderers before you
Looking for fulfillment and hoping
That there’s more

My name is Jill Ryder
I’m a seamstress for the fleet
I stand five foot seven
On my cold bare feet
I’ve raised two daughters
One from each of the loves of my life
I’m a widow two times
But my girls are still alive

So why don’t you come in out of the cold
Warm your feet by my fire
My cat’s name is Lady
Why don’t you just sit down beside her
Listen to her purr
You know she’s content
To left the world drift by
And let those crooked lines stay bent

Don’t be afraid to let it all hang out
Cause I’ve seen it all before
And what harm could come
From just a little bit more?

In the Name of Us, Honey
Shannon McNally

Well hi hello it’s good to meet you
Though I am sure that we’ve met before
I can’t place your name and your face is unfamiliar
But something in your handshake or smile is similar
To that of my true companion
So don’t tell me you’re sorry
Don’t tell me you tried, don’t confess to me you sins
Or reveal to me your lies
You never could hide nothing though often you tried
I saw you coming when I saw you smile
And I already forgive you for the crimes you will commit
In the name of love,
in the name of money,
in the name of song
In the name of you honey

And the big bad wolf is in the back seat
And when you look at him he’s surprisingly slim and neat
He’ll tell you how he ate grandma and why he wears her hat
How the exit works and where it’s at
So if you’re gonna go you better go now
Cause if you’re still here when I turn around
I’m gonna take you, take you down to my senses
Where I promise to render you defenseless
So please forgive me for the crimes I will commit
In the name of love,
in the name of money,
in the name of song
In the name of you honey

Yeah excuse me for thinking wide and freely
Though I tell you all still you’re left wonderin’
About the thought, the mystery behind the eye
But what should I say, what should I do
You’re not looking for me and I’m not looking for you
And we must forgive us the crimes we will commit
In the name of love,
in the name of money,
in the name of song
In the name of you honey

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