Shannon McNally ...

I first heard of Shannon McNally through John Leventhal, who described her vocal skills as having just the right amount of girlish smoke. At the time I was looking for just the right singer to make a cameo appearance on a song I was recording called “Famous Last Words of a Fool.” Trusting John’s appraisal---from his description I imagined something of a cross between Joan Jett and Lauren Bacall---I set about tracking the mystery singer down. What I eventually discovered in the small town of Holly Springs, Mississippi was this dark-eyed beauty who wrote grown-up songs, played a pretty mean Fender Stratocaster and, at times, sounded a lot Jesse Mae Hemphill. From our first meeting I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was the right man for the job of shepherding the next Shannon McNally record into existence. Now that the record is made, I hope music lovers around the world will come to know what I and many others already know: This girl belongs in the Americana Music spotlight.

Rodney Crowell

“Shannon McNally brings her elegant, effortless and silky tones to her first release, Black Irish, since 2013. Settle in for an accomplished and crafted affair…”
–Tony Ives/Americana Music Show

“McNally is back. Enjoy her wondrous voice and the effervescent spirt of this album. She proves to be, not surprising to those who are familiar with her catalog, a terrific interpreter in the vein of Emmylou and Linda Ronstadt.”
–Jim Hynes/Elmore magazine

“Black Irish shows McNally’s range as an artist – her ability to be soulful, sultry, introspective and tough in her songwriting and singing. McNally has never sounded better. “
– Maeri Ferguson/No Depression

“A smoldering gumbo of country, blues, R&B, soul, gospel and rockabilly — the first of McNally’s promising albums to deliver her smoky tones and Southern storytelling with a consistently winning set of songs.”
– Bliss Bowen/Pasadena Weekly

“With any luck and the right promotion, it (Black Irish) ought to move McNally to the forefront of Americana artists, where she clearly belongs.”  
– Hal Horowitz/American Songwriter

“Shannon McNally has a been gifted with a voice that has an ethereal hypnotic affect featuring a mix of southern drawl and Celtic lilt delivered as a velvety alto that ensnares the soul of the listener.”
– Rick Bowen/Innocent Words

“With Black Irish, Shannon McNally ascends to the highest tier of Americana auteurs and guarantees she won’t be abandoning that locale any time soon.”
– Lee Zimmerman/Glide Magazine

"Haunted notes from guitar strings fill the air as Shannon McNally offers up her voice to name women who have left their mortal spirits on the earth in 'Banshee Moan'."
Alternate Root - #4 Song of the Week/Banshee Moan June 7, 2017

"She has the voice: bruised, smoky and ornery, right at home where country and soul meet. She has the melodies and the timing - she’s irresistible.” — Jon Pareles, The New York Times

“McNally ….sensual, swaggering, smokey. …..exhibiting an ability to depict pleasure and pain with an explicitness that seems deceptively natural for such a reasonably young songwriter.….a healthy dose of lowdown country and ragged soul..McNally's sound bears a timelessness that's truly uncommon.” — Austin Chronicle

“She is probably rock’s most talented undiscovered gem. This woman with the confident voice, pin-point lyrics and effortless guitar playing….Shannon McNally can rock your socks off at the same time she is hitting you over the head with words that actually make sense.”  — Glide Magazine

"Only Gram Parsons' term "Cosmic American Music" begins to touch her mercurial, changeling roots aesthetic, . . . McNally is a Zen-like, post-Beat song poet” —Thom Jurek, All Music